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Video and Audio
Village Elder Stories
A total of twenty-eight video clips bring

tasks -
such as planting corn

and events - such as the Deer Dance Festival

to life!

Videos are placed throughout the documentary. You can access videos through using the index or by clicking the video button on text pages. Videos assist in offering the viewer a personal account of what is being explained within the text.

The documentary opens
with a short video overview

The Maya of the Toledo District speak the languages of Mopan and Q´eqchi´. Hear both being spoken in the language chapter. In addition, the Maya welcome you to their culture at the beginning of the documentary. The same message is presented in Mopan (spoken) and Q´eqchi´ (written). English translation is provided.

- Video Clip Listing -
Start up Program

1. Overview of the Maya Culture

Introduction Section

2. The Project is Introduced to Villagers

Family Section

3. Preparing Rice for Cooking
4. Making A Traditional Meal

Community Section

5. Women's Conference
6. Participatory Role Appraisal Workshop

Ten Points of Agreement Speeches
7. Gregory Ch´oc - Maya Leader
8. Said Musa - Belize Prime Minister

The Millennium Declaration Press Conference
9. Gregory Ch´'oc - Maya Leader
10. John Briceno - Belize Deputy Prime Minister
11. Dedication of Traditional Healer Training Building
12. Children Singing the National Anthem in Mopan
13. All Souls Day Observation

A Roman Catholic Lay Minister:
14. Reads Scripture in Mopan
15. Sings a Hymn in Mopan

16. A Protestant Clergy Reads Scripture in Q´eqchi´ Culture

Culture Section

17. Cutting of the Sa´Yuk Tree
18. The Arrival of the Sa´Yuk Tree
19. The Deer Dance

Harp Quartet Performances
20. The Song for Children
21. The Bull's Beat
22. A Mother's Skirt
23. The Possum's Beat
24. Traditional Dance

The Maya and Their Environment Section

25. Harvesting Rice
26. Planting Corn in a Matambre
27. Harvest Offering
28. Traveling through the Sarstoon-Temash National Park