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The Living Maya is 524 pages in length and divided into the five sections listed below. Each section is color coded.


The Maya and Their Environment

This documentary is a dynamic accounting of the Maya over a 70 year period - from 1930, when village elders were children or just starting their families, to the beginning of the 21st century. In addition, discussions of the Maya's ancestors and Spanish and English colonization offer insight into their lives today.
Mayan family in 1930's

Over 1,000 photographs are strategically placed throughout the five sections for greater comprehension of documentary content.

Some photographs offer a historical comparison between the Mayan culture of 1930 and in 2000. Pictured to the left is a photograph published in 1930.

The Living Maya is written using language that is easy to understand, and contains convenient tools like an interactive index, area map, and glossary.