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Maya Participation
National Launching
The development of The Living Maya was guided by protocol for gathering and using project content.

Procedures for acquiring, developing, and checking information, as well as the sharing of material (such as pictures and elder stories) with primary sources, were strictly followed.
Information Gathering and Accuracy

All interviewees will understand the purpose of the project and grant their consent.

At least two individuals or sources will confirm information.

All attempts will be made to secure the most skilled translators.

Mayan volunteers will review all source material.

Both men and women will review the material to ensure fair representation.

children in San Marcos watch video
Children of San Marcos village gather around photographer Eric Leupold as he digitally records Santos Macu playing the fiddle he has made. Pictures and a copy of the video recording were given to those involved in the shoot.

All leads and referrals will be investigated.

All individuals who volunteer to assist in the project will be acknowledged in the Introduction Section.

Copies of pictures will be given to the individuals who were subjects in the pictures whenever possible.

Use of Information

Information gathered in any form will be collected for the sole purpose of meeting project objectives.

Information will not be shared outside of the project without the specific permission of the individuals who provided the information. This rule concerns the sharing of photos and video as well as text.

All resources will be accurately documented.

Distribution of Information

The Living Maya will be donated to governmental agencies and NGO's in Belize whose goal is to educate the population on the culture of the Mopan and Q´eqchi´ Maya.

Distribution outside of the Toledo District will be with the knowledge of the Mayan leaders of the Toledo District.

Indigenous Mayan organizations may sell donated copies for the benefit of the people of the Toledo District. Mayan leaders may use the material in any way to further their educational, social, economic, or political causes to assist their people.

Marsden distributes pictures in San Vicente Hon. Marciel Mes gives pictures to Prime Minister Said Musa
Left: Marsden distributes pictures and checks facts in San Vicente Village.

Right: Marciel Mes, Minister of Rural Development and Culture assists in carrying out protocol by providing pictures that will appear in the documentary to Belize Prime Minister Said Musa.
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