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One Human Race
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The Living Maya is a tool that offers an opportunity to fully experience a culture. All involved in its creation hope that you choose to engage in this experience with a open mind and heart. There is good reason for you to choose to do so, as none of us are as far apart as we may perceive.
Mayan Girl

There may be many ethnicity's, many religions, many types of governments, and many, many, many, ways of living one's life, but there is only ONE human race on earth. The more that reality becomes part of our neighborhood, national, and global paradigm, the more we will want to understand, interact, and assist one another. It all starts with an open mind and heart.

The Maya welcome you to their culture that is, and always has been, shaped by what they value. If you are willing, it's easy to recognize that the Maya value family, community, the environment, tradition, and hard work. These values are the foundations for their culture.



Family & Community
The Ack Family
Big Falls Deer Dance
The Environment
Pueblo Viejo Falls
Hard Work
Josephine Che husking cornMan backing rice in Silver Creek
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by Dr. Angel Cal, President, University of Belize