The Maya Spirit

The storm that ravaged the Maya's environment and their lives will forever leave a mark on their hearts. Most probably, there will be cultural changes as well. But this is not the first time the Maya of the Toledo District have faced adversity. The issues the Maya have had to face as the indigenous people of Central America - of Belize - have made them resourceful and resilient.

Today, it is the Maya spirit that drives them to move from dazed to productive - from tearful to determined. From despair - they will find hope. It is the Mayan way.

A boy assists in cleaning up what was once his home.
Photo courtesy of Becky Zarger

Women in Santa Cruz.
Photo courtesy of CARD

The Heart of A Culture

excerpt from:
The Living Maya: The Mopan and Q´eqchi´ of the Toledo District, Belize, Central America, 2001.

Like any culture, the Maya people of the Toledo district have both weathered and welcomed change. These changes have affected, often permanently, the culture as it has evolved. But the deepest values of the individuals within the culture, the heart of the Maya, has endured.

What constitutes the Maya Spirit?:

  The Maya people have a deep respect and love for their land.

Their spirit is directly connected to their natural environment.
  The Maya are survivors.

Their spirit is connected to the desire to do what is needed to persevere.

A rainbow appears over a destroyed corn milpa.

Photo courtesy of CARD

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